Amontaine Aurore


Don't Call it a Riot!

Written and Directed by Amontaine Aurore

Introducing the cast of DON'T CALL IT A RIOT! from left to right: Skylar Wilkerson as Falala, Robert Lovett as Paris, Lillian Afful-Straton as Marti, Meysha Harville as Reed, and Mic Montgomery as Sam.

Photo by Donna Day Photography
Clothing By Carolyn Hall
It's finally happening! On the heels of our very successful staged reading at the legendary Neptune Theater in the summer of 2017 attended by over 500, Don't Call it a Riot! is going into full production. Our preview is Thursday, May 10th, and we open on Friday, May 11th. We will have eight performances over two weekends at the 18th & Union Theatre in Seattle's Central District. Purchase tickets by clicking on the link below.


Don't Call it a Riot!
Written and Directed by Amontaine Aurore
It is 1968 and Reed, a member of Seattle's Black Panther Party, must juggle the demands of a new marriage and pregnancy, yet still finds time to fight for liberation and dream of creating a better world. When her best friend Marti moves in, there is yet one more thing on Reed's plate. Reed is unaware of the forces that will eventually destroy the Party, as well as the ones that threaten her happy home. It will take 31 years before she finally discovers the betrayal that was at the root of a dream deferred.

Thurs- Sun, May 10th - 20th, 18th & Union Theater.

Starring Meysha Harville, Lillian Afful-Straton, Skylar Wilkerson, Mic Montgomery and Robert Lovett

Set Design by Margaret Toomey
Costume Design by Carolyn Hall
Lighting Design by Zanna King
Drawing by Kimisha Turner
Don't Call it a Riot! was a finalist in the Bay Area Playwright's Festival, 2017.

Photos below from the staged reading and post-play discussion at the Neptune Theater, summer 2017

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Fundraiser: Don't Call it a Riot!

If you would like to donate to assist in funding our full production, you may do so below. Everyone involved in this production is paid. We are very appreciative! Thank you!




I am thrilled to announce that my play, Don't Call it a Riot! was a finalist in the 2017 Bay Area Playwrights' Festival! Here is the announcement and full list of winning plays and playwrights!


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