Amontaine Aurore

Don't Call it a Riot!

Don't Call it a Riot!

A three-act play

Written by Amontaine Aurore

Drawing by Kimisha Turner

It is the summer of 1968 in Seattle. Reed and Sam Pearce, two members of Seattle’s Black Panther Party are expecting their first child. Reed’s best friend, Marti, is also a member of the Panthers, but clearly not as committed as Reed. When Marti is forced to move in with Reed and Sam after being kicked out of her mother’s house, tensions run high in the Pearce household, until an unexpected tragedy changes their lives forever.

Fast forward thirty-one years. It is the eve of the WTO protests in Seattle, and Falala, daughter of Marti and a food justice activist, is participating in the protests. Falala is in the midst of an ongoing debate with her boyfriend, Paris, who cannot understand her growing belief in the effectiveness of anarchy. Falala is also dealing with her mother’s strange behavior ever since her old friend Reed has returned to town to participate in the protests. Marti and Reed, meeting once again after decades and under very different circumstances, confront the tragedy of their youth, and a betrayal of 31 years ago is finally revealed.

Don’t Call it a Riot! explores Seattle’s rich history of activism and direct action movements. It examines the sacrifices made by those called to fight for justice by any means necessary, and the subsequent effect on one’s life, as well as future generations.

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