Amontaine Aurore

Don't Call it a Riot!

Drawing by Kimisha Turner

Don't Call it a Riot!

Written by Amontaine Aurore

It's finally happening! After a very successful reading at the legendary Neptune Theatre in the summer of 2017 attended by over 500, Don't Call it a Riot! will be getting a full production in May 2018 at the 18th & Union Theatre in Seattle's Central District. Look for our Kickstarter campaign launching soon!
See the show that explores Seattle activism from the Seattle Black Panther Party to the WTO protests!

Photos from Don't Call it a Riot reading, August 10th, Neptune Theatre, Seattle.
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Fundraiser: Don't Call it a Riot!

Help fund the full production! All donations received will go towards covering the costs of staging the play in November, 2017.